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'A Hell of a Time to Start a New Business'

Updated: May 23, 2020

You picked a hell of a time to start a new business, didn’t you?

The (many) people who have asked this question...they have a point, right?

Pandemic. Budget cuts. Joblessness. Economy on the brink of a recession (or worse). Believe it or not, they are more right than they know...but probably not in the way that you might think.

My reality - and my company’s reality - is that most coaches, administrators, programs and organizations are confronting financial challenges today that they never have before... most of which can only be alleviated by increased revenue.

What used to be a ‘nice’ concept (having extra money to buy nice things) is now seen as an essential means of survival (staying in business).

Budgets (if not programs) are being cut, travel is being restricted, organizations whose revenue stream is mainly (if not totally) reliant on membership fees for participation are very much in the balance.

Stuff got real in a hurry, and no matter the level (college, club, high school or rec) there is only one way to position themselves for safety: fundraising.

So this has kind of been like opening a lemonade stand during a drought, or a toilet paper company three months ago. When there is a need, and you can fill it, it’s good for everyone.

Some people and organizations have been operating through a systematic, sustainable model of efficient fundraising, and they are reaping those benefits today.

However, most have not- and for many, the sky really does seem as though it is falling.

That's natural, and that’s OK. My job is not designed to judge what has (or has not) happened in the past- my role is to look at teams or organizations today, and build a model of sustainability for tomorrow.

So if you or anyone you know are currently being confronted with the same revenue-based challenges that most people in athletics are facing today, and if you don’t have the time, resources or strategy to commit to fundraising well, then check out or drop me a line at

I’m here to help.


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